О компании

MEK international Marketing is the international marketing company specialized in working with foreign partners.

We are engaged in strategic planning, help companies to establish communication with clients and choose the right marketing tools.

Our clients have access to marketing support at all possible stages. From research and planning, to implementing the strategy into reality and getting real work results.

We also provide accounting, auditing and legal services, we work with customs brokers and import.

Each client has the opportunity to use our resources and work with our partners, including many reliable and proven companies such as JSC Thunder, LTD BASF, METRO C & C, LTD 3M GLOBAL.

Our Projects
Mersin Ural

Mersin Ural is an exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey. In 2017, the company carried out a lot of work to enter the Russian market. As a result Mersin Ural has signed a direct contract with JSC Tander on delivery, which is already being successfully carried out. The expansion of the partner network is planned for 2018 and negotiations with large importers are already under way

MEK Audit

MEK Audit is a consulting company with an individual approach to each client. Due to high-quality audit and assessment of the situation, you can minimize risks, identify company weaknesses, create and reinforce business reputation.

Мек Auto reparatur lacke

MEK Auto-Reparatur-Lacke - car paints, varnishes and spare parts from all over the world from the most reliable suppliers - LTD BASF, LTD 3M Global.

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